To own this Chevrolet Avalanche, you must be a die-hard fan of the Transformers.

Prepare to be amazed by the jaw-dropping transformation of the 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche pickup into a real-life Transformers marvel.

This stunning modification took the automotive world by storm, as the entire bodywork underwent a radical overhaul, resulting in a sleek and futuristic appearance. Notably, the pickup’s length was extended to gracefully accommodate a third wheel axle, effectively turning the Avalanche into an awe-inspiring “six-legged beast.” Get ready to witness a fusion of automotive ingenuity and the magical allure of the Transformers universe like never before.

You’ll Have To Be A Huge Transformers Fan To Buy This Chevy Avalanche

Observe the wacky automobile that looks like a Transformer

Regarding the bodykit, the front of the car impresses with a massive grille painted white with the body color and characteristic headlights. The wildness is further emphasized through the unique wheel arches and novel doors.

Observe the wacky automobile that looks like a Transformer

The rear of the car is also completely revised, the most prominent detail is 17 LED lights placed vertically and an area that can be opened to display more Pioneer speakers.

On the inside, the Avalance’s rear seats and passenger compartment have been removed and replaced with two large areas covered in white plastic and with some speakers and two skylights.

It is not clear whether the engine has been upgraded or not, only know that this unique Chevrolet Avalance has run about 100,000 km.





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