The Unmatched Excellence of the Mercedes-AMG ONE Supercar.

After more than five years since the unveiling of the stunning Project One concept at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, the highly-anticipated Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercars are finally being delivered to customers, with eight of them heading to Australia. These lucky owners will acquire one of the most highly collectible production vehicles in history.

The $5 Million Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar, which represents the pinnacle and end of the combustion engine era, is being delivered to customers after a five-year wait. With only 275 vehicles to be built, the sold-out intercontinental ballistic autobahn missiles are set to become one of the most collectible production vehicles ever. Mercedes-AMG Director of Vehicle Development, Steffen Jastrow, described the AMG ONE as a unicorn, defying logic and physics and being the most special car ever realized with AMG and Formula 1 partners.

During the launch of another polarising vehicle, the four-cylinder 500kW Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E sports sedan, the AMG vehicle development chief told carsales the ONE is a one-off that will never be repeated.

“I think that’s the one-timer and it was hard enough [to build] and I was responsible for that car. I think no, there will be no successor. Not in the definition we have right now,” he stated.

The road-legal AMG ONE is an exceptional hypercar that has limited competition in its class, with the Aston Martin Valkyrie being the only close contender. Similar to the Valkyrie, the development of the AMG ONE was hampered by setbacks due to the project’s complexity, and the stricter WLTP emissions regulations necessitated a re-evaluation of the powertrain midway through its development. With the aid of four electric motors, the 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol V6 engine is based on the 2016 world championship-winning F1 W07 race car engine from Mercedes-AMG, producing a power output of 746 kW or around 1000 hp.

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