Singapore’s Vanda Dendrobium: A Supercharged Supercar

Singapore-based Vanda Electrics has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to create an all-electric hypercar known as the Dendrobium. With a top speed of 200mph and acceleration from 0 to 62mph in just 2.7 seconds, the car is a true monster.

Originally designed as a concept in the 1990s, the Dendrobium features an edgy carbon fiber monocoque body with predominantly straight lines and tight curves. The futuristic-looking spoiler doubles up as a taillight, while the body forms a streamlined conical tip at the end.

The car also ditches rear-view mirrors for cameras and has suicide butterfly doors that open upward and backward. The Dendrobium made its debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, with plans to release the car for public purchase as early as 2020. The design team behind the car includes Andries van Overbeeke, Marco van Overbeeke, Vanda Electrics, and Williams Advanced Engineering.

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