Meet The Custom Bugatti Divo Lady Bug

Bugatti hypercars are among the most respected and lauded in the world. a stock Bugatti with a stock paint job is a sight to behold. But this “Lady Bug” Bugatti Divo takes it to another level, featuring a paint job that took two years to complete. The wait has been long, but it’s worth it. This distinctive Bugatti Divo features a deep and beautiful red paint job along with highly intricate patterns. Bugatti has an incredible amount of talent on staff. still, the company nearly threw in the towel on the Lady Bug because it was simply too taxing.

What was the hang up? There were many challenges in bringing this Bugatti to life, but one of the biggest difficulties was applying the diamond stencils that give the Bugatti is stunning patterns. When the design team tried to apply the stencils, the many contours of the Bugatti Divo distorted it. Extensive CaD work simply wasn’t translating to real life.

so how did Bugatti overcome the challenge? The design team went back to work, shaping each individual diamond to fit the exact curves of the Divo. Given that there are roughly 1,600 diamonds on the Lady Bug, this was no minor task. after the diamonds were successfully applied, it was time to get to painting. The entire Lady Bug was painstakingly painted by hand. a stock Divo is priced at about $5.4 million, and the buyer surely paid a hefty sum for the paint job. Regardless, this Bugatti for sale is a remarkable piece of modern art.

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