Launched Ferrari 296 GTB – Senior F8 Tributo, is the ‘super horse’ that drives the most

Their latest product line, the Ferrari 296 GTB, was the first Ferrari model to open for sale since the fall of 1970 to use a 6-cylinder engine. Located one level above the F8 Tributo, the Ferrari 296 GTB is claimed to be the name that “brings the most enjoyable driving experience in the current fleet”.

The turbocharged V8 engine on the F8 was replaced by a hybrid V6 – equipment that was previously only used by the Dino 246 (and this car was not yet Ferrari-branded). The announced starting price of the car is always at $ 321,000 and will start delivering from the first quarter of 2022.

Although the engine has a smaller volume and cylinder capacity, the Ferrari 296 GTB has the ability to operate not inferior to the model below. Specifically, the independent 2.9L V6 engine has a capacity of 654 horsepower (218 horsepower / liter capacity – the highest in the whole market). Add an electric motor and the power of the whole system is up to 819 hp, 740 Nm of torque – a much higher parameter than the F8 Tributo (710 hp) or rival McLaren Artura (671 hp).

With its terrorist powertrain, Ferrari 296 GTB can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, 200 km / h in 7.3 seconds, the maximum speed that the car reaches the death limit. at 330 km/h. Vehicle weight reaches 1,470 kg, 35 kg heavier than the old F8 Tributo and rival Artura from McLaren.

The exterior of the Ferrari 296 GTB borrows a part of the larger SF90 design combined with the classic 250 LM racing car to give a more impressive overall look. The rear wing helps increase the navigation force to 360 kg when descending. high level speed but also connect in harmony with the overall design. The clear partition between the B-pillar and the ceiling panel makes it easier than ever to imagine the next Spider convertible.


Stepping into the interior of the Ferrari 296 GTB, you can immediately see that this area is fully focused on the driver and speed ability. The central touch screen is absolutely not present, giving the entire playing field on the lot to the instrument cluster. Sure about the driver’s seat. Nostalgic elements that do not restrict lot design or need numbering once again hint at Dino from the past.





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